Agile Tech Services

Looking to recruit an IT contractor but changes to the IR35 rules left you confused?

Agile Tech Services replaces the traditional IT contractor recruitment market with a structure that fits better with post IR35 reforms – providing a better model for limited company contractors and their clients.

Who We Are

Drawing on the combined strengths of our sister companies, Agile Recruit and Agile Solutions, means not only do we have an extensive network of niche specialists we can pull from, but we can also assist you in transitioning to Business as Usual (BAU) with your existing internal employees.

Added to that we also bring consulting experience and management from a well established consulting firm (where required).

Agile Delivery

We are disrupting the traditional IT contractor model for organisations in order to provide a service that is truly agile in its delivery. We package up pieces of work and agree on a delivery approach to suit all parties which is led by the nature of the work.

If you want to take advantage of our truly flexible resourcing capability for your project needs, which is compliant with IR35 both contractually and operationally in the real world – then please get in touch.

Trusted Associates

Our Trusted Associates are IT Contractors who are in the top 10% in terms of both technical capability and interpersonal capability when it comes to managing client relationships.

They have either excelled in positions for us or can show evidence of excellence in at least two previous projects in their recent history


Our extensive network of Trusted Associates already working within the data and technology disciplines means we have the agile deliver capability of guiding client projects and working practices where required.

This means you can continue to use niche IT contractor suppliers in the manner in which they wish to work – and without them bringing you any IR35 risk.

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